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Think of a movie that still lives in the village where it was filmed. Let the names of the children born in that period be the names of the actors and characters.


Our story begins in 1934. The veterans of Turkish cinema history come to Bursa's Çalı Village to shoot a movie. They set up a film set in Çalı. Villagers meet the filmmakers, act as extras in the film, open the doors of their houses and host them. The names of the children born after that period become the names of the actors who played in the film. Some see their mothers and fathers, whom they have never seen in their lives, among the children running in this movie. The name of this movie, which was told like a fairy tale from generation to generation in the land we live in, was always in mind; 'Aysel, daughter of the swampy roof.'

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'Aysel, Bataklı Damın Kızı', shot in Çalı in 1934, has an important place in the history of Turkish cinema as it is the first village movie. Very important names were found in the cast of the film. Muhsin Ertuğrul was the first director to establish the relationship between Turkish cinema and Western cinema. The script of the movie was written by Nâzım Hikmet, based on a story by Swedish Writer Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940). The music was made by Cemal Reşit Rey, the cinematographer was Remzi Ar and Cezmi Ar. Cahide Sonku broke new ground as the first female star in Turkish cinema, which was completely male-dominated at that time.

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About a century after the film was shot, we decided to continue our story with a film festival. Four years ago, we crawled, stumbled, but tirelessly set out to keep alive both the fading summer cinema culture and this film, which has an important place in Turkish Cinema. In this direction, we aim to bring together films that are about the village or that use the countryside as a setting, in a free environment with people from different areas of life. Bringing a different breath to the film festival culture in Turkey, we enjoy cinema and nature under the stars in the heart of nature. During the festival, we get involved in the production by conducting interviews and workshops with directors, actors and producers. We find the pleasure of discussing and producing together by escaping from our lives that are trapped between four walls and alienated from nature and people day by day.

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As Çalı Environment and Culture Association and Nilüfer Municipality, we invite you to participate in the excitement of our festival.




By getting away from the concretion that has descended on us like a nightmare in the cities, to go on a journey to the heart of nature, to the summer cinemas of our childhood years and to watch movies under the stars.

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